Welcome to our blog

In looking to kick things off with an inaugural blog post for Alley Repertory Theater, an interesting question popped up: Where do we begin?

Contemplation hooked its claws in and ideas followed suit. A back-and-forth took hold, ultimately leading back to the most basic of solutions:


Nineteen long months will have passed by time our October 2021 production takes center stage. And thanks to a fresh new web design by Senestre Creative and Trever Bostrom, an introduction to our theater blog was in order. 

To begin with, my name is Jason Haskins, resident dramaturge, playwright, social media maestro and, in the words of Artistic Director Buffie Main, “historian of Alley Rep”. It has been my pleasure to have worked in many capacities with Alley Rep., and am definitely looking forward to what will be my 9th year with the company for the 2021-22 season.

This blog and its accompanying posts will serve many purposes. It will be a place to learn more about Alley Repertory Theater and why we do what we do. It will be a central location for season announcements and provide insights, photos, behind-the-scenes and more centered around current productions.

There will also be cast and crew profiles, interviews with performers and directors, and even a video or two along the way as we hope to connect more with artists and audiences.

You’ll see contributions from many writers, including John Wicks and GiGi Huntley. John has had a hand in previous Alley Rep. productions both on and off stage and has jumped in full throttle as a new member of our staff. And GiGi is currently our board president and contributor in many ways to the growth of the theater.

Both are part of the team that will curate this blog and both will share their voices, insights, and experiences — as will many others — as we move forward. 

We are all excited to begin this journey as we prepare for Alley Rep’s 12th season. We have a lot of fantastic shows planned for 2021-22 and plenty of information to share over the coming months.

We thank you for following along and, as always, for playing fiercely.