Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access

Alley Repertory Theater is examining and advancing our role as allies. We are committed and willing to act with, and for, others in pursuit of ending oppression and creating a more equitable theatre arts world. As allies, we recognize our power and privilege and will use our position of power and privilege to act for justice.

We denounce all mistreatment against any individual based on identity including race, religion, nationality (particularly in the form of xenophobia), gender, age, class, sexual orientation, immigration status or ability.

We recognize our journey to achieve a more diverse, accessible, equitable, and inclusive arts world will be packed with failure and imperfection. This acknowledgment is to say that we embrace learning, growing, and changing as this battle against oppression and for justice boils. Dismantling the systematic quieting of marginalized voices is our priority, so with every misstep we are committed to learning how better to play our role with ferocity and bravery in this revolution.

Further, we are committed to curating a dialogue in the arts world that brings awareness, champions artists of all backgrounds, and loudly shouts those very important, but quieted voices.
We are promising to take ownership of our actions as we attempt to fight in this pivotal war for the marginalized and oppressed. With every failure, we will learn and get back up. With every misstep, we will find our way back to our path. With every obstacle, we will find a way through.

We want your voice in the conversation, no matter race, religion, nationality, gender, age, class, sexual orientation, immigration status or ability. We need your voice in order to be the best ally we can be.

We are here to listen, learn, and fight fiercely for and with YOU!