The Royale

  • By Marco Ramirez
  • Directed by John Wicks & Buffie Main

This ain’t about what side of town we grew up in, how we look, how we sound; it’s about how we fight.

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Inspired by the life and story of boxer Jack Johnson, The Royale by Marco Ramirez is the story of a Black prizefighter navigating life in the United States in the early 20th century.

Jay “The Sport” Jackson is handsome, tough, headstrong, cocky, and undeniably the best Black heavyweight boxer during the end of the first decade of the 20th century. Jay grapples with the repercussions of crossing the color barrier after procuring a fight with Bixby, a white boxer, and the heavyweight champion of the world. As he prepares for his historic fight, he endeavors to conquer the label of merely a “Black boxer” and wrestles with the stigmas of living as a Black man during a racially volatile early 20th-century social ecosystem. He confronts violent, fiscal, political, and personal limitations as the reality and weight of racial tension in America becomes more transparent.


  • Dakotah Brown headshot
    Dakotah BrownJay "The Sport" Jackson
  • Kyle Carthens
    Kyle CarthensWynton
  • Sharmaine McWhiteNina
  • Rashad PenistonFish
  • Taylor HawkerMax
  • Calvin Pineda
    Calvin PinedaEnsemble
  • Sasha Allen-GrieveEnsemble
  • Mindy HacklerEnsemble