Sex with Strangers

  • By Laura Eason
  • Directed by Buffie Main

A smart and sexy reckoning with identity and desire in the digital age.

Approaching 40, Olivia is a brilliant university professor hiding away at a writer’s retreat in rural Michigan. After a crushing failure to launch many years prior, she has no intention of allowing her writing to see the light of day again, let alone a critic’s red pen. That is, until millennial bad-boy blogger Ethan blows in from a snowstorm with half a million Twitter followers and industry connections as temping as his 20-something sex drive. Their mutual attraction takes over as she longs for a second chance as a writer and he seeks to shed his cheap online persona for something real. What they find is a labyrinth of attraction, ambition, and alternate identities as the line between life offline and life online starts to blur. Premiered at Chicago’s acclaimed Steppenwolf Theatre Company in 2011.


  • Liberty Leeds-KlautschOlivia
  • Dakotah Brown headshot
    Dakotah BrownEthan