Golden Girls Christmas Extravaganza

  • Directed by Joe Golden & Justin Ness
  • Piano Anthony Mulparry

The Golden Girls Christmas Extravaganza returns to Visual Arts Collective November 24 through December 16. Starring Minerva Jayne as Blanche and Jodi Eichelberger as Dorothy, the show features parodies of two classic episodes bookended by commercials written by the Fool Squad and live musicians. For those who want a picture with their favorite ‘80s TV heroine, Brunch with the Golden Girls will be on December 10.

At each show, an Idaho musician will play a Christmas song from “Ida Ho Ho: A Celebration of the Holidays with Idaho Artists” benefitting The Woman’s and Children’s Alliance. The CD has become a yearly top seller at The Record Exchange, with some of Idaho’s best artists contributing their time and talent.


  • Minerva Jane AllenBlanche Devereaux
  • Jodi EichelbergerDorothy Zbornak
  • Steven SantosRose Nylund
  • Steven LanzetSophia Petrillo
  • Taylor HawkerVarious
  • Kelly Lynae RobinsonVarious
  • Hailee Lenhart-WeesVarious
  • Noah MoodyVarious
  • Liberty Leeds KlautschVarious