Golden Girls Christmas Extravaganza

  • Directed by Buffie Main & Justin Ness
  • Pianist Tess Worstell
  • Cast of Golden Girls curtain call at Alley Rep. 2015
  • Tess Worstell playing a cream colored grand piano

Only one thing comes close to being as awesome as the original cast of “The Golden Girls”, and that is Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia impersonated by Boise’s drag queens. The GOLDEN GIRLS CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA will treat you to live reenactments of classic scenes, holiday sing-alongs, dancing, and more (plus convenient access to the Visual Arts Collective’s full-service bar). Merry, bright, and white-haired, these die-hard dames will be the perfect antidote to holiday stress and generalized Grinch-iness. Hailed as “The Nutcracker” of drag shows by this press release, this San Francisco tradition is sure to become a Boise holiday favorite.


  • Minerva JaneBlanche
  • Jodi EichelbergerDorothy
  • Steven SantosRose
  • Steven I. LanzetSophia
  • Nick GarciaEnsemble
  • Christy RolfeEnsemble
  • Taylor HawkerEnsemble
  • Liberty Leeds KlautschEnsemble
  • Kelly LynaeEnsemble