• Music & Lyrics by Dennis T. Giacino
  • Directed by Buffie Main & Weston Wells Olson
  • Music Director Thomas Newby

And they lived happily ever after... Well.. Not exactly.

When women are still girls, we tell them about Beauty and her beast, Snow White and her poisoned apple, and the unlucky Princess who had to kiss an amphibian. Through these animated royal role models, The Princess Complex is born: propping up lovesick soprano songbirds with pencil-thin waists at the expense of representing the diversity and vibrancy of real women. Fortunately, Alley Repertory Theater prescribes the cure. This Holiday Season, the princesses themselves will gather at Visual Arts Collective to dismantle The Princess Complex once and for all. In DISENCHANTED!, ten charmingly flawed heroines from the tales of Grimm, Perrault, and history reclaim their identities from their ditzy Disney counterparts through comedy and song. Brassy, bawdy, and painfully funny, this hit off-Broadway musical invites us to poke fun at the foibles of fairy tales and celebrate ourselves for who we really are. After all, it is Christmas.


  • Tiara ThompsonSnow White
  • Kati SheldonCinderella
  • Christy Rolfe-BrownSleeping Beauty
  • Susan ShakeBelle
  • Blanca MoraHua Mulan
  • Carly OppieThe Little Mermaid
  • Jennifer Page StockwellRapunzel
  • Sophia McNeilPocahontas
  • Edith Grace DullPrincess Badroulbadour
  • Rachel DickersonPrincess Who Kissed the Frog