Buyer & Cellar

  • By Jonathan Tolins
  • Directed by Buffie Main

In the real-life book My Passion for Design, Barbra Streisand describes the recreations of early 19th Century shops that occupy a quaint indoor mall in her basement. That’s right, a cobblestoned street underlies the Funny Lady’s three-acre Malibu estate, filled with antiques, costumes, and china, but entirely devoid of People. This is where BUYER & CELLAR departs from reality. Ex-Disneyland Cast Member Alex More is hired work the shops in Babs’s basement. Alex, who considers all things Streisand to be part of his “gay birthright,” quickly finds himself spending more and more time with the persnickety prima donna. When Alex’s boyfriend accuses him of being deluded by a starlet who is equally out-of-touch and Nuts, Alex is forced to decide What Matters Most, being Partners or Simply Streisand. Bold, bright, and only a bit batty, BUYER & CELLAR has charmed audiences and critics since its off-Broadway premiere in 2013.


  • Jodi EichelbergerAlex