• By Theresa Rebeck
  • Directed by Buffie Main

It is delightful to undress a man, and find a woman inside.

In 1899, the legendary international stage celebrity Sarah Bernhardt sets out to tackle her most ambitious role yet: Hamlet. Ms. Bernhardt’s decision to assume the title role of Shakespeare’s Hamlet left critics and patriarchs aghast and indignant. Laced with forbidden romance and backstage gossip, Theresa Rebeck’s new play is a behind-the-scenes look at Bernhardt’s most daring role, set against the lavish Shakespearean production that could make or break Bernhardt’s career.

High humor and human drama collide in a rollicking comedy “so clever it uplifts, so timely it hurts” (The New York Times)


  • Marissa PriceSarah Bernhardt
  • Brian TelestaiEdmond
  • Andres MaldonadoMaurice
  • John WicksFrancois
  • Alaggio FarinoLouis
  • John AdkinsRaoul
  • Aidan TranstrumWorker/Ensemble
  • Kelly BarkerLysette
  • Russell Simone WilsonRosamond
  • Stitch MarkerAlphonse
  • Chris CanfieldConstant