Hot Asian Doctor Husband

By Leah Nanako Winkler

You’ve been looking at men for love. But that was the wrong place.

In the dead of winter, at the Cherry Blossom Garden, we meet Emi a multiracial Japanese woman lost and confused in grief and cultural expectations. Just a few months ago, Emi knew exactly what she wanted and got it: A Hot Asian Doctor Husband.

On paper, he was the perfect candidate for Emi, but she pays the cost when he turns out not exactly as she imagined. Suddenly her ancestors, her legacy, and culture are all at stake.  This hilariously contemporary and honest play explores the multi-racial experience. Lost in between her personal responsibility to carry on the culture passed down from her Japanese mother and her inability to control the cultural identity of the one she loves; this wry, award-winning play by Leah Nanako Winkler is a coming-of-age story beautifully woven with humor, emotion, and memories.

Pay What You Want Preview:
Thursday, October 13, 2022

Opening Night:
Friday, October 14

Friday, October 14
Saturday, October 15
Sunday Matinee, October 16
Tuesday, November 1st
Wednesday, November 2nd

Doors open at 7pm
Show starts at 8pm

Doors open at 1pm
Show starts at 2pm


Emi                                                         Lily Yasuda
Collin                                                      Jake Atkinson
Leonard                                                  John Wicks
Veronica                                                 Talia Martinez
Hot Asian Doctor Husband                Dave Boutdy
Mother                                                    Janet Lo
Young Emi                                             Aneshia Morishita